A Trial of Faith: When the Devil Knows Your Name / Margaret Hosseini-Browder

Book Cover A Trial of Faith: When the Devil Knows Your Name
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/ Margaret Hosseini-Browder
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Margaret Hosseini-Browder was born into a home ruled by an Iranian sadist father, dubbed “Chuckie” by his children after the cinematic horror icon. Eventually escaping the terrors of her youth, Margaret found solace in family life and her Christian faith. She built a successful tax preparation business, becoming a popular advocate for taxpayers, and responsible animal ownership.Her world came crashing down on the day that the IRS decided that taxpayers should not have an advocate, and she learned that the DOJ will destroy the lives of everyday Americans without a second thought, and unimpeded by the laws that are supposed to protect citizens from government persecution.Margaret has joined the other #MeToo group; those who have been unfairly attacked by unscrupulous government prosecutors who forced friends and associates into the Devil’s Bargain.Over and over the government is forcing people to choose between their own lives or the lives of their friends and associates. This is the Devil’s Bargain. Truth and justice are no longer a consideration to government actors who abuse their power.Follow Margaret and she seeks justice for herself, and the many others who have no voice. This is what her book is about.
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