Gullah Girl in the Bayou (The Library of Souls Book 2) / Gibson, S.A.

Book Cover Gullah Girl in the Bayou (The Library of Souls Book 2)
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In the Mississippi bayou, trouble has gone unchecked for years. Lakisha, a young woman from the Gullah lands, is joined by her friend, Jolan and his dog, Aza as they travel to Ulis, a troubled Creole town, to investigate for The Library. But the journey isn’t easy—especially when Lakisha and Jolan are separated and captured by dueling groups. Alone in the Theloel territory, Lakisha must now attempt to mend the Theloel and Creole peace that has been crumbling for decades.

On the other side, Jolan is brought to Ulis and explains what happened to his friend, the library investigator. With good intentions, Jolan is coerced into a nefarious plan that he believes will help bring Lakisha back. Some leaders of the two groups strive for peace during events like the Harvest Festival, but a storm is brewing sowing unease and causing tension among the warriors. To protect a divided region from exploding with decades-old hurts and simmering grievances, they must find a way to deliver peace to the warring lands. Can Lakisha prevent a bloody battle while emotions are at an all time high?
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