The Legacies of Brigadier Station (Brigadier Station series Book 3) / Williams, Sarah

Can Lachie be the father Hannah needs? And the man Abbie deserves?

Lachie McGuire is trying to make a fresh start. He’s sobered up and is making amends for all the people he has hurt and the pain he has caused. But some of his past actions have consequences. Even if he doesn’t remember them.
Needing her independence, single-mum Abbie Forsyth accepted a nursing position in the small outback town of Julia Creek and uprooted her daughter, Hannah from the only life she had ever known. Now, in the dusty, sun burned land they are creating a life together, just the two of them.

When Lachie is injured and needs medical assistance, Abbie is there for him. She’s by his side every step of the way, including letting him stay with them while he recovers from surgery. But Abbie knows how volatile life with an addict can be and she has to think about her daughter’s safety above her own growing affection for the handsome grazier.
Then tragedy strikes the small rural town and secrets begin to unravel…

Return to the Outback for the third instalment in the bestselling Brigadier Station series.

The Legacies of Brigadier Station is the third in the Brigadier Station series which is set near Julia Creek in the isolated Queensland Outback of Australia.

Each book in the Brigadier Station series can be read as a STANDALONE:
* The Brothers of Brigadier Station
* The Sky over Brigadier Station
* The Legacies of Brigadier Station
* Christmas at Brigadier Station

Each of Sarah's stories are linked so you can find out what happens to the other brothers and your favourite characters in future books.

"Sarah Williams captures the essence of the Australian Outback."-Annie Seaton; Bestselling and award winning author

"Sarah Williams has crafted an entertaining rural romance set on a sprawling cattle property in North Queensland. It's an enjoyable read with plenty of drama and relatable characters." -Helene Young; Bestselling author.

“I LOVED reading about Australia......just WOW. Very relatable characters. Loved the whole close family ties, can't wait to read more in this series. It's by far the best read I've read this year.
Totally WORTH your click.
If you like cowboys, the country life, a great love Story with a Slow burn. It will be worth your time..
It's not very Fast paced as most like. But I enjoyed the subsidy and hanging on to every word, to just draw out this little gem of a book.”

“A really well written romance. I loved reading about life in the Australian outback and this is another book that has made me want to visit and experience myself the beauty and openness of Australia. Am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.”

“Genuinely an entertaining read. The author has crafted an easy to read story with appealing characters. Set in rural Australia the authors description of the countryside enables the reader to feel like they are on an outback property. It feels like the author has experience with the setting and this entices the reader even more.”

For more information about Sarah and her new releases, please visit: and check out her YouTube channel and podcast Write with Love to find your next favourite author.

If you like small town, country and rural romance from authors like Bella Andre, Melody Grace, Maisey Yates, Johanna Lyndsey, Nora Roberts and Diana Palmer then you'll love this short read.

Enjoy Australian fiction? Sarah’s style is similar to Barbara Hannay, Cathryn Hein, Annie Seaton, Fiona McArthur, Victoria Purman, Fiona Palmer and Tricia Stringer, Rachael Johns, Mandy Magro and Allissa Callen.
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