Darkness and Bloodshed: Spooky Shorts Volume #1 / Grace, Lennie

Book Cover Darkness and Bloodshed: Spooky Shorts Volume #1
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/ Grace, Lennie
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A collection of spooky short stories to keep readers up at night!
This volume contains:

Blood Moon: A woman is attacked by a giant dog while she's jogging. It was scary, but she didn't think it was a big deal. But as Christmas and the full moon draws near, her family begins to notice her behaving strangely. Will they realize what's wrong? Or is it already too late?

All That Glitters: in which a young woman is given a beautiful music box for Christmas. But as soon as she takes it home, strange things begin to happen. Is it all in her head? Or is something truly sinister going on with the box?

They Came From the Sky: A young woman is trying to enjoy a week of relaxing when the end of the world starts. Unexplainable natural disasters ravage the globe. Crazy storms, all in places they shouldn’t be. There are thousands of deaths, and people are scared. Is it the end of the world. Finally, the storms calm. Is the horror finally over? Everyone thought it was. Until they began to descend from the sky.
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