Raindrops Like Blood: A Collection of Psychological Horror Thriller Short Stories with Shocking Twists / RC Patterson

Warning: this horror, thriller, mystery and suspense book contains graphic material some readers may find disturbing. Please read with the lights on!

This is a collection of 15 psychological horror, thriller and suspense short stories to scare the hell out of you. If you're looking for thrills, chills and gore, look no further than this horror anthology. As a surprise for readers, this collection contains three hidden stories within. Read if you dare...

Stories inside:

Raindrops Like Blood - an old man sits alone in his house. A woman knocks on his door and asks for help after her car breaks down. He knows she should run before she ends up dead like all the others.

Scorpion: A Horror Screenplay - a drifter is kidnapped and tortured in the desert. Can he save himself and the innocent girl trapped with him?

Not a Creature Was Stirring - a lunatic holds a young boy hostage, but the secret this lunatic hides is far more shocking than anyone can guess.

Other stories:

Human Meat
Mommy's Little Boy
My Husband's Bloody Secret
A Bloody Sunrise
The Roach
Have You Ever
A Woman's Torture
Disturbed and Sadistic Photographs
The Date Rapist
The Killer Inside
Raindrops Like Blood Extended Ending

P.S. This collection also includes three hidden stories. Reader be warned, these stories are maniacal in intent and extreme in intensity. If you are a sensitive reader and happen to come across one of these hidden stories within this book, please do not read it.

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