You Think You Know Someone (Foxx and Connor Book 1) / J.B. Holman

Book Cover You Think You Know Someone (Foxx and Connor Book 1)
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/ J.B. Holman
Publisher: SO15 Books
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ISBN-13: 978B07QD7S1T3

Who is Dominion 1431?

And why shoot the PM? 60 million suspects. Only one culprit.

Eduard Foxx, secret agent, traitor and the tactician who planned the assassination, meets his match in Julie Connor, a quiet, unexceptional, self-deprecating, reclusive civil servant with a secret.

For their own reasons, they each need to uncover the identity of Dominion 1431, the shadowy figure behind the assassination and unravel a complex plot to change the course of history. But nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted in the convoluted world of political intrigue.

Foxx and Connor find themselves in a race to stop the destruction of democracy . . . or are they already too late?

What readers say?

The words flow effortlessly across your eyes – a real delight!

Beautifully paced. It settles you in so you think you know what’s happening, then it turns the world upside down, again and again.

Brilliant. I loved it. Best read for ages!

A solid, exciting story, full of twists, turns and misdirection!

Full of twists and obstacles, leading to drama, action and lots of narrative tension!

Exceptional. Rarely are books so structurally sound!

More about You Think You Know Someone

You Think You Know Someone is a fast moving thriller that twists and turns to reveal a clever and complex plot. But more than that, this thriller is a beautiful cocktail of everything you want from a first rate read. It grabs your attention from the opening page and holds it until the last. The plot completely subverts your expectations and consistently conspires against anticipations at every twist and keeps you guessing all the way. It’s the ultimate page-turner.

You Think You Know Someone is a rip-roaring adventure and the characters work well together, but, in many ways, it is a book about the power of women.  It has a host of apparently strong male characters – but slowly and subtlely it is the female characters who shape the story.  Julie starts the book in a bad place emotionally, locking herself away as a recluse, healing the wounds of life so far – but by the end she has cracked the key to the plot, saved her partner’s life not once, but three times and tells the most powerful man in the country what to do. She is no super-hero, but her metamorphic growth from invisible to invincible is a pleasure to see. Will you like her – so far the jury is out and the vote to date is 60:40, but we are not telling you which way!

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