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Book Cover Everybody Imagines: 20 Minute Creative Kid Builder
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What “Everybody Imagines” is about... is helping children understand and use their imaginations. And this has many benefits! Think about how a great imagination can help and benefit children: 1. Become far more confident and capable (imagining success ahead of time helps with real-life success… so weak imagination skills can actually hold a child back) 2. Distinguish themselves amongst their peers (imaginative kids are willing to try things out, leading to more experience and skills… this helps them stand out more compared to those around them), and 3. Increase their resilience (being more open to experiences means being more open to failure. A child that easily copes with failure is far more likely to succeed when they grow up) And there’s more, as well. But what I’d like to do is take this moment to ask you personally… …whether you're a parent, who wants their child to build a strong imagination, so they can be happier, more fulfilled, and better equipped to handle their future challenges … …or if you’re a teacher and want your students to build their creative powers and not just have their head buried in a smartphone… …would you be willing to read our family’s book? And if you like it... me, mom, and Gwen, would be immensely grateful if you could respond with a review detailing why you loved it.
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