The Art of Death: Pittsburgh Vampires Vol. 11 / Stretke, B.A.

Killian Frey is a machine of war. He’s been a killer, soldier, and spy for the Hadden Coven for decades. Alone in the field, he has honed both his skills and his reputation. The myth of Killian Frey is almost as lethal as the man himself. He’s been called back to the Coven proper to lead a special unit of security forces and finds himself in unfamiliar surroundings. The years spent alone in the field have not made him a particularly social man. As he chafes against the polite society of the Hadden Coven, he receives the shock of his life. While searching out a wayward guard, he finds himself face to face with a young man in the middle of a panic attack. The fragile young man is beautiful and takes his breath away. The young man is his beloved. Killian can’t understand why fate would give him such a delicate flower for a beloved, and neither can anyone else. Doubt swirls around their courtship and roadblocks abound, but Killian is loyal and steadfast above all else. Nothing will keep him from his mission, and nothing will keep him from his beloved.

Simon Wielding is recovering from the trauma of his life. He was held prisoner and tortured and feed on at the horror that was the Perrysburg Coven. One of only three to survive the ordeal, he has been left scarred and traumatized. His vampire half-brother, Victor, has taken him in and sheltered him at the Hadden Coven, but he hasn’t been able to leave his brother’s quarters in nearly 2 months. The fear grips him every time, and all he can do is sit alone and hope things will change. He didn’t expect the dark, dangerous, and sexy man who came to have it out with his brother to stay and bring him out of the depths of his panic attack. He also didn’t expect to be so comfortable and so at ease with the man so soon after meeting him. He wants to know what his future with Killian could be, but first, he has to conquer his own fear and his own demons. Can he open the door and let Killian in? Or do other dangers lurk beyond the threshold?

Fate is never wrong.
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