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Her main research interests are in the area of coding theory and geometry codes. In Applied algebra, algebraic algorithmsand error-correcting codes, volume 4851 of Lecture Notes in Comput. View PDF

Her research interests are inadolescent development, motivation, and culture and cognition. Her recent work has fo-cused on social inequality in education and Head Start programs. View PDF

Another extension was found at the end of the 19th century by Corrado Segre who described special multi-dimensional algebras and he named their elements `n-complex numbers'.225 This type of number i View PDF

He picked the man who'd almost draft standards and developed curriculum examples. We had kids going all the way through school and Mathematics, which stressed students working in never doing algebr View PDF

Whereupon he taught his people how to chase the buffalo on horseback. Brock was just one man, but his life and death changed the course of history. View PDF

In this survey, Appraisal is defined as when a teacher's work is reviewed by the principal, an external inspector or by his or her colleagues. one of the main subjects you identified in question 33 View PDF

We now discuss the organization of this paper and we summarize its main contribu- tions. This identity is responsible for the algebra structure which will emerge from Proposi-tion 2.1 below. View PDF

Her main research interests are instructional strategies for teaching mathematics, curriculum development and using technology in teaching Mathematics. Particularly, there are two main barriers that View PDF

His main claim to fame is as the primary creator and (Differential geometry and topology.). Ideas and methods from differential and algebraicgeometry, topology and algebra play important roles in Ko View PDF

[13a] Yefremov A. P. Quaternions and biquater-nions: algebra, geometry, and physical theories. While his method using relativistic Doppler shift a la systems" [8]. View PDF

6 grade exam plus the end of course algebra. 2 know I will have to defer to mar that on 3 this because she's the expert. View PDF

Eighty highschool students worked in groups of four on an algebra problem. six," Ann suggests that she shares his understanding of the arithme-tic expression. View PDF

He played a prominentrole in the development of a major area by focusing on moduli of vector bundlesover an algebraic curve, was a main contributor to a Brill-Noether geography forthese spaces, and h View PDF

His subject of examination was Sanskrit, Philosophy, English, Mathematics, History and Science. He passed his matriculation examination from the Madras University in 1899 topping the list as usual. View PDF

He obtained his Ph.D. in Calgary (1973), under Richard Guy. Mathematical Society's Gazette (2001-03), he died of cancer on December 12, 2003. View PDF

Hetherefore drops a large number of golf balls on the very edge of the green. [3] F. Pastijn and X.Z.Zhao, Varieties of idempotent semirings with a commutative addi- tion, Algebra Universal, to appe View PDF

(The author would like tothank them for allowing him to publish these results here.). The study of the complexity of definable relations over a given structure is a main theme in mathematical logic. View PDF

Cooperative learning and algebra performance of eighth-grade students in United Arab Emirates. How many hours will she have to work to have a total of $126?". View PDF

After his movefrom Karlsruhe to Munich in 1989 Julius Wess changed his main research subject to quantumfield theory over noncommutative spaces. Schr¨ odinger Lecture, "Flatland, a great place to d View PDF

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