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Motion, ECF No. 94 (the "April 10 Order"). The Attorney General has withheld most of the documents called for by the Court's order. But there is no valid basis to assert privilege. View PDF

Since there are legal consequences that flow from the 1 Degree programs are presumed to be measured in credit hours under Department rules. This preamble language fundamentally alters the regulation View PDF

Thomas Jefferson helped enshrine that value in the early days of the republic. American discussion about race, history, and the challenges of free speech. In the following pages, we try to make sen View PDF

Make no mistake about it - I like Brian Moran. The State Central Committee is expected to ratify this choice in the next several weeks. However, with that said, I am disappointed with the selection View PDF

lexa, are you Skynet?". Research on iOS phones & more Echo devices coming soon!! How do you get to data on the device? View PDF

St. Louis Cardinals game #84 · thursday, july 5 · 7:10 p.m. Behind a great start from Ariel Jurado, the Riders came away victorious on Inde- pendence Day with a 5-2 in in Springfield. Eliezer Alv View PDF

Trailing 9-1 in the middle of the eighth, the Riders orchestrated a furious late rally, falling just short against Tulsa 9-7 Tuesday night. Profar went 7-for-11 in the three-game series against Tuls View PDF

This year's ARRL RTTY Roundup was held January 6 - 7. Single Operator, Single Transmitter, scores. LZ2YO 47,393 more play-by-play, Multioperator, YO3RU 50,700. View PDF

Why use smart watches? Why not Apple/Samsung/LG/etc? Why use these confounded devices? View PDF

RBI, while Romero and 3B Alex Liddi (0x4, RBI) recorded the team's only other RBI. IP) over 13 relief appearances since allowing a season-high 5 runs on April 18. He has recorded 7 quality starts View PDF

In the following database, companies and products are sometimes mentioned, but solely to identify materials and sources of data. Other commercial materials or suppliers may be found as useful as tho View PDF

There wasn't enough off-time in the rules to cover the "Worse! Moreover, 40m was slow even before it below sums it up pretty well. 623,422 595,971 588,973 488,295 489,718 contester and DXpedition View PDF

For the purposes of this report the SSA areas were expanded to include all land ownerships in CA, as well as the portions of NV and OR administered by R5. In the lower left there is a grove of appar View PDF

Never in history has a Virginia governor had greater authority, greater responsibility and a greater opportunity to combat harmful carbon pollution. By law, that decision falls exclusively to you, o View PDF

599, 602, were intro- of the question except for one hour of debate equally duced. and Kent Walker, Google, Moun- hearing to examine social media influence in the tain View, California. tional Labo View PDF

In contrast, SQL Server 2000 lacks some basic capabilities that make its management challenging. The list of such basic capabilities missing from SQL Server 2000 goes on and on. 10g is in fact sign View PDF

W L Pct. 2013 AFL Game Notes. Tuesday, October 15, 2013. View PDF

W L Pct. 2013 AFL Game Notes. Monday, October 14, 2013. View PDF

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