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Regardless, I took my pills religiously and chose to believe they would work. We could just as easily have chosen work from a particular conflict, or a genre like fiction or poetry, for the themed i View PDF

"We find the answers that fit what we choose to believe," he replied. "We all can," Stan says, and he chooses to believe it. View PDF

than that they chose to believe only the intelligence that bolstered their case for war. Leaders Leaders Chose to believe Knew Iraq still be found Don't know/ misinformed lied intelligence had no w View PDF

Its persistence is thus one of the great the reasons why Wise chose to believe that young- puzzles and great tragedies of our time. I then present the reasons why four scientists choose to believe t View PDF

And it all started because I chose to BELIEVE. The sages believed, though, that we could transcend the "I," in part through compassion for the Other. View PDF

To put it more bluntly, tice resurrection means to choose to believe and tainly with us. To practice resurrection is to make commitment to believe. View PDF

We also must choose to believe that the perpetrators, though often responsible and accountable for their actions, are unique from hate itself. Furthermore, NCH believes certain concepts are essentia View PDF

to hear more and simply chose to believe what they are being told about the so. Luis "squatting" (which is how he sits) is a are concealing the truth but chooses to were likely seagulls. View PDF

They chose to believe in its authenticity as an esoteric document and to act in reality upon its fictive dangers-- to admit otherwise would have undermined their entire program. but it is still a my View PDF

Weather you chose to believe NEMENOMICS or not is up to you... Most cattle and college students alike mistakenly believe knowledge is gained by MEMORIZING. View PDF

The prosecutor chose to believe Mancuso's version of events over the versions given by Uribe and Pineda. However, once charged by the Court, the politicians in question have usually chosen to resig View PDF

The prosecutor chose to believe Mancuso's version of events over the versions given by Uribe and Pineda. Prosecutors would have only 60 days--a very short time frame--to verify whatever paramilitar View PDF

choice between COBS and MEG had to be based instead on whose description of the issue they chose to believe. trial judges in the rural counties are not chosen under the merit system. View PDF

I chose to believe that God put us there for a reason - thinking now perhaps so we could encourage and strengthen the things that were weak. That was really hard, but we covered over our stinging di View PDF

Dalits had no boats, and the officials chose to believe the dominant caste fishermen. Agencies were encouraged to believe that Dalits would lie about the things they had lost. View PDF

theless chose to believe in the fine-tuned value, goofed. Let's choose the second (the conclusion is not affected). View PDF

What we've learned can help journalists influence what the public chooses to believe, and to pass along. Demonstrate transparency, and show why you can be believed. View PDF

Based on how the Afghan media reported the incident, it's fairly certain whom they chose to believe between ISAF and the Taliban media arm. US Military leadership unambiguously sought to replicate View PDF

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