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1. These contrast images were entered into a second- to maintenance of novel, complex visual stimuli (Ranganath and level, one-sample t test, in which the mean estimate across participants at D'Espo View PDF

Aguirre GK, Zarahn E, D'Esposito M (1997) Empirical analyses of BOLD fMRI study. Ranganath et al. View PDF

Deborah E. Hannula and Charan Ranganath. Aguirre GK, Zarahn E, D'Esposito M (1998) The variability of human, that may reflect allocation of spatial attention to all four objects in BOLD hemodyna View PDF

R. Ranganath, C. Wang, D. Blei, and E. Xing. Stochastic variational inference lets us apply complex Bayesian models to massive data sets. View PDF

Proceedings of Machine Learning for Healthcare 2016 JMLR W&C Track Volume 56 Deep Survival Analysis Rajesh Ranganath Princeton University Princeton, NJ 08540 Adler Perotte ad View PDF

Ranganath and Blumenfeld, in press). Aguirre GK, D'Esposito M. 1999. View PDF

2004]. For instance, Ranganath and others areas. Jha AP, Fabian SA, Aguirre GK (2004): The role of prefrontal cor- sci 22:4563-4567. View PDF

McFarlane HG, Kusek GK, Yang M, Phoenix JL, Bolivar VJ, et al (1998). Ranganath et al, 2008). View PDF

Consistent with these patterns, a meta- gaged in short-term tasks (see also Ranganath analysis of 60 functional neuroimaging stud. Thompson-Schill SL, D'Esposito M, Aguirre GK, Farah MJ. View PDF

D'Esposito M, Aguirre GK, Zarahn E, Ballard D, Shin RK, Lease J. 1998. Moreover, complex tasks that are concerns those processes that mitigate interference from the composed of a number of the a View PDF

[32] Beard DA, dan Liang S, and Qian H. Energy balance for analysis of complex metabolic networks. [292] Murphy KM, Ouyang W, Ranganath S, and Murphy TL. View PDF

The hippocampal contribution to processing over short time- used a learning paradigm to show the need for the hippocampus scales has been investigated previously (see Ranganath and Blu- in processing View PDF

Ranganath, 2010), and the PHC has also been shown to carry information about scene-specific associations (e.g. Morgan LK, Macevoy SP, Aguirre GK, Epstein RA. View PDF

A system for person-independent hand posture recognition against complex backgrounds, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 23(12): 1449-1453. [83] Ng C. W. and Ranganat View PDF

A system for person-independent hand posture recognition against complex backgrounds, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine. 83] Ng C. W. and Ranganath S. 2002. View PDF

Approaching episodic encoding from a theory-driven perspective, Jenkins & Ranganath (2010) examined whether MVPA methods can predict subsequent recall of the temporal context of a given event memory. View PDF

51. Cohen MX, Young J, Baek J-M, Kessler C, Ranganath C. in schizophrenia. 37. Corlett PR, Murray GK, Honey GD, et al. View PDF

A. Kucukelbir, R. Ranganath, A. Gelman, and D. M. Blei. Gk = log + log( + ) - log Gk(u). View PDF

Games and Economic Behavior, 52, Cohen, M. X., Heller, A. S., & Ranganath, C. (2005). g g q g g , (6) ege i gk 1 k k 1. View PDF

I would like to acknowledge the initial effort by the 2009 students that got these notes started: Radhika Bhasin, Andrew Cherne, Robin Chhetri, Joe Cooley, Jon Denning, Alina Dja- mankulova, Ryan Kin View PDF

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