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Jan 1, 2019 — Expenditure incurred on property and paid: a. Municipal tax Rs. 4,000. Page 7. DIRECT TAX – II. SEM IV. SYBAF.25 pages View PDF

25% of income tax where total income exceeds Rs. 2,00 ... THAKUR COLLEGE OF SCIENCE & COMMERCE; S.Y.B.A.F. 2022-23. {DIRECT TAXATION}. Dr. NISHIKANT JHA. Page 9.9 pages View PDF

Sep 30, 2018 — I am happy to present the book “Direct Taxes - II” to the students of B.Com. Accounting and Finance (BAF) and B.Com. Financial Management of ...196 pages View PDF

Since the Net Taxable income is below the basic exemption limit of Rs.2,50,000, there is no tax payable. Working Note: 1. Income from House Property. (4marks).7 pages View PDF

Apr 3, 2020 — The income from the asset is transferred to any person under a settlement, or agreement. • If the above conditions are satisfied, the income ...5 pages View PDF

4) Shares are not treated as Capital Assets. 5) Salaries of MLA's are taxable under the head Income from Salary. 6) Capital Expenditure is not allowed as ... View PDF

(Accounting and Finance). Programme at Semester III with Effect from the Academic Year 20172018. 1. Elective Courses (EC). Taxation II (Direct Taxes Paper I). View PDF

Jan 11, 2021 — There will be wirtten examination paper of three hours. OBJECTIVES. To gain knowledge about the direct tax laws in force for the relevant ...616 pages View PDF

Apr 18, 2020 — Course: SYBAF. Unit: 3. Prepared by: Upmanyu Yajnik ... For instance, salaried individuals are usually required to file their income tax returns ...3 pages View PDF

TAXATION III (DIRECT TAXES). Page 22. Mr. M sold a flat worth Rs.50,00,000 ... Under which section of the Income Tax Act, 1961, a belated return is filed.25 pages View PDF

Subject: Taxation III (Direct Taxes II). S.Y.B.COM (Accounting & Finance). (Semester IV). Sr. No. Course Objectives. Course Outcomes. 1). To help students ...1 page View PDF

You are required to calculate his Total Income and tax liability for A.Y. 2017-18. OR. 2. Mrs. Lisa aged about 66 years is a Finance Manager of M/s. Lakme & Co ... View PDF

... Income tax act, 1961 with that country. Her income in India amounted to Rs. 3, 95,000. Compute the tax liability of Krupali, for the assessment year 2017 ...4 pages View PDF

Direct Tax I. 5. A person is physically handicapped upto 45%. What is the ... 13 Income tax is governed by Income tax Act ______. 1761. 1861. 1961. 1962. C.15 pages View PDF

Oct 20, 2020 — Revised S.Y. BAF Sem III ( CLASS TEST). Subject/Course. 27th October 2020. Taxation II - Direct. Taxes I. Business Economics II. Business Law II ... View PDF

National Income Accounting- conventional and Green GNP and. NNP concepts -National Income and Economic Welfare. • Trade Cycles: Features and Phases. 12. 2 MONEY ...134 pages View PDF

Feb 1, 2020 — ... direct tax laws. The purpose of this study material is to impart ... By law, taxpayers must file an income tax return annually to determine their ...694 pages View PDF

CO1Provide knowledge of fundamental concepts of Indian income tax law. CO2 Apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to resolve income tax issues. View PDF

SYBAF. SCHEME OF MODULES. SEMESTER III. Serial No Course code Credits. Course Name. 1 ... • Systematic Approach to Direct Tax by Ahuja & Gupta - Bharat Law House.29 pages View PDF

Tax avoidance c. Tax Management d. Tax evasion. Page 15. Indian income tax average rate is 20%, foreign tax rate is 18%. How much percent a relief can be ...63 pages View PDF

DIRECT TAX-II. (Prof. Pankaj Jain). Sazekan. Prof. Subhashini Naikar. Vice Principal (SFC). THURSDAY. FINANCIAL. ACCOUNTING-IV. (Prof. Nisha Dhake). RESEARCH. View PDF

4 Taxation - II (Direct Taxes Paper- I). 03. 5 Principles & Practices of Banking. 03. 2. Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC). View PDF

In case of any doubt, taxpayers are advised to make reference to the relevant statutory provisions, as laid down in the. Income Tax Act, 1961, Income tax Rules,. View PDF

SAMPLE MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS. SYBAF SEM III. BUSINESS ECONOMICS III. 1. Macroeconomics is the study of ______ a. Individual Households b. Total Income ... View PDF

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