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Orlando's life is also a journey toward authorship, and as s/he diligently seeks to pin and pen down the impressionistic world around her/him, s/he turns the vivacious beauty of Sasha into a melon, View PDF

He points out how we might explain the visual nature of dreams by conceiv[ing] of an agent internal to the body agitating the rods and cones of this even`s vision` into wakefulness during visual drea View PDF

Reflexivity, as the etymology suggests, is an inward-looking movement. A narrative phenomenology offers an especially powerful vantage point from which to see how the past and present are saturated View PDF

He remains and mentally sends the stationary group on his own journey. As mentioned, `inward' and `outward' bound flows do not directly coincide. They may be describable as mentally visual, kinet View PDF

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