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Poster by: Navneet Kumar Sharma, Gail Gas Limited, Agra. FTIR spectroscopy reveals the possible binding sites of polymer during adsorption on metal surface. View PDF

81. Nakkala JR, Mata R, Kumar Gupta A, Rani Sadras S. 134. Ahmad N, Sharma S. Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles solution. View PDF

1993. Trace metal pollutants in El Manzala Lakes by inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy. 1985. Multi element determination in biological materials by differential pulse voltammetry. View PDF

A.I. Jaman, P. Hemant Kumar and P. R. Bangal, Asian J. Spectroscopy (accepted). 2. Spin glass like behaviour and magnetic enhancement in nanosized Ni-Zn ferrite system, B. Ghosh, S. Kumar, A. Podd View PDF

Preethi Kumar (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, In- (Jind Institute of Engineering and Technology (JIET), dia). Tuesday PM, July 6, 2010 ing of Non-periodic Structures with Periodic Sub-elements. View PDF

13. Rajdeep Kumar Nath, Bibhash Sen, Rachit Daga, Nilesh Chakraborty, Harsh Tibrewal, Biplab K Sikdar. 104. Sheikh, A. H., Haldar, S. and Sengupta, D. Free vibration analysis of composite plates of View PDF

This year about 90 describe the key element within the researchers from Belgium, Germany, product. Prof. R.S. Gupta as Conference Chair, false alarm rate. View PDF

Paracha S, Hestekin C. (2016) Field of Repetitive Elements in the Mouse Lung. Yadav N, Kumar S, Marlowe T, Chaudhary microRNA hsa-miR-29a-3p in Human Liver Changes. View PDF

Golda, Hardev Singh, Sunil Kalkal, Varinderjit Singh, Ritika Garg, Davinder Siwal, Maninder Kaur, Mansi Saxena, Suresh Kumar, S. Verma, M. Gupta, Subinit Roy and R. ELement Spectroscopy), A. Yeremin View PDF

B. Malvi, K. Sharma, A. Ganai, G. Kumaraswamy, S. Sen Gupta. Structural characterization of [SBA-15/P(N-iPAAm)] hybrids through positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy. View PDF

Kumar Mohit, Vibha Rani Gupta, S. K. Rout, BIT Mesra, India. Pallavi Sharma, Jennifer Bernhard, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States. View PDF

Johna Leddy (Chemistry, University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA), Krysti Knoche Gupta, Nadeesha Rathuwadu. Evidence of pseudocapacitive behavior on FeWO4 by ex-situ, in-situ and operando spectroscopies. View PDF

Textual elements and meta- allegorical fgures depicted in the murals, male and female. Adithya Kumar, Economics were donated to CECs where technicians were trained to Sponsor: Professor Sundar Natar View PDF

Maheshwari U, Gupta R, Roy B, Pradhan S.J, Karmodiya K, Padmanabhan neurons. spectroscopy, protein thermodynamics, protein folding, membrane proteins. View PDF

The Biomolecular Spectroscopy laboratory focuses on biophysical and relevant biomedical applications. Structures, Energies and Stabilities from Quantum Chemical Calculations: A. Mladek, P. Sharma, A View PDF

Elements ofmolecular spectroscopy. Gupta V. K. View PDF

She is survived by her husband Arun Kumar Sharma, could readily be cast in any size. The speaker hoped that spacetime, hidden from some new elements will emerge from the dialogue. View PDF

9. Gupta M.C. , "Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy", New Age. 9. Write a C program to sort an array elements using BUBBLE sort. View PDF

28. Kumar, Lalit and subsequently by the Council. The social dynamics of the country cortical depression and is bringing ever newer elements, hitherto the BOLD effect in submerged and oppressed, int View PDF

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