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HSS devices are the dominant form of input/output for many (if not most) high-integration chips, moving serial data between chips at speeds up to 10. Gbps and ...494 pages View PDF

... High Speed Serdes Devices and Applications introduces concepts related to interface standards, as well as design architectures for various protocol logic ... View PDF

High Speed Serdes Devices and Applications. Fig. 1.12 Typical channel application with ... High Speed Serdes Devices and Applications. Fig. 1.16 Driver stage ...30 pages View PDF

Due to their high-speed nature and low jitter requirements, bit interleaving SerDes require very precise external clocks. Applications. Parallel Clock SerDes.14 pages View PDF

by E Naviasky · Cited by 2 — In response to these criteria, this paper defines a new high-speed, multi-protocol SerDes architecture that is ideal for meeting the challenges of advanced-node ... View PDF

by A Athavale · Cited by 92 — ... applications, Virtex-II Pro X devices can sup- port many applications and ... ” I could use the Virtex-II Pro devices and have the integrated SERDES, or pay the View PDF

Abundant applications (networking, mobile devices, displays, automotive,…..) • Connection speeds are increasing, real estate is shrinking. • Need to transmit ...107 pages View PDF

by H Kimura · 2014 · Cited by 89 — The TIA circuit is widely used in high-speed applications. [7]–[10], and the TIA has an advantage to improve the high- frequency bandwidth. We developed a ... View PDF

by SB Samaan — A device which has a Clock & Data Recovery circuit (CDR [5] [6]), which is the main component of a. SerDes Physical Layer (PHY). A re-timer has a Phase Locked ...72 pages View PDF

by A Kas · 2021 — Stauffer, High Speed Serdes Devices and Applications. Boston, MA: Springer ... LASKIN, “On-Chip Self-Test Circuit Blocks for High-Speed Applications”, PhD thesis,.73 pages View PDF

IGLOO2 M2GL090T/TS and SmartFusion2 M2S090T/TS devices contain one High Speed Serial ... be used in conjunction with mission-critical equipment or applications. View PDF

Past publications include the text “High Speed Serdes Devices and Applications”. (Springer, 2008). Steve Sekel. Steve Sekel is the strategic program planner ... View PDF

3 SerDes receive path. For certain high speed protocols, the Rx Equalization Boost bit is enabled by default to provide extra equalization for high loss ... View PDF

SerDes interface requires load board development that presents a test environ- ment which mimics the application's design environment in terms of signal path ... View PDF

Nov 2, 2020 — infrastructure geared by new merchant and custom silicon devices. Devices built around new high-speed SerDes and new Ethernet port types ... View PDF

by M Awasthi · 2019 — A device called SerDes (Serializer/Deserializer) allows transfer data serially and it is playing a very important role in high-speed applications. It is capable ... View PDF

by T Granberg · Cited by 155 — and SerDes Technology. 17. 2.1. Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). 17. 2.2. Bus Configurations. 18. 2.2.1. Single-Termination Multidrop. 18. 2.2. View PDF

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