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1988. Determination of coarse fragment volume in northern hardwood forest soils. Idaho Association of County Ag Agents Summer Mtg. Soils, The Pasture Foundation. View PDF

Our group-level re-sults are somewhat consistent with a coarse coding theory, withright middle temporal lobe activation in all inference conditions, Fig. 5. The goals of this experiment were twofold View PDF

This difference may be explained by the lateralization of coarse and fine semantic comparisons. Neural basis for the processes that underlie visually guided and internally guided force control inhum View PDF

Pauline Ippolito (FTC) gave a brief tutorial on consumer protection law at the FTC. Jack Calfee (American Enterprise Institute) drew a distinction between regulations that rely mainly upon rules as View PDF

Theborder between area TEO, an area with a coarse retinotopic organization (Boussaoud et al. Neurophysiological investigation of the basis of the fMRI signal. amts, anterior middle temporal sulcus. View PDF

BC - geometric model based estimation of object pose. 10th Robotics & Remote Systems Mtg. From the size of the grid image, make a following, coarse measurement of distance to the grid projection. View PDF

The stratigraphy is coarser near the surface and becomes finer with depth. Based on the contaminant distribution, the Pilot Study will be conducted in the intermediate zone. Water moves more easily View PDF

Neural Correlates of Prior Expectations of Motion in theLateral Intraparietal and Middle Temporal Areas. basis influence neural correlates of choices. J Neu- coarse depth discrimination: comparison View PDF

In fact, we located both within the sulcus and on neighboring cortex, performed a relatively coarse analysis that redefined AL to fa including the angular, superior, and middle temporal gyri exclude View PDF

Notify ASHRAE staff at of your interest in a particular TC, TG, TRG, or MTG. This session offers a select group of recently published papers from the but also form the basis of mo View PDF

Coarse suspended solids also bury benthic habitats, thus diminishing overall species abundance and diversity. The Board meets on an annual basis and. Amer., Annual Mtg. View PDF

If users require very coarse axial meshing, AR = L / W layered 1D (aka 1.5D) is recommended. (MATPRO-Halden model) removes this dependence and is based on irradiation creep data from Halden. Tests View PDF

1. Traveltime tables were generated by program rayt2d (or other ones) on relatively coarse grids, with dimension ns*nxt*nzt. frame basis. Mtg. View PDF

The figure demonstrates that coarse sand produces less scour at equilibrium than fine sands. Foundation scour of seaward corner and undermining collapsed grade beam in foreground. The exact basis o View PDF

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