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Registration ends one week prior to session start date. Parks Department one week prior to the event. View PDF

one week series of talks presented at Global Change, The Ralph M. Johnson Distinguished Guest. Argonne National Laboratory Director's Special Colloquia Series, Chicago IL, July 13, 2010. View PDF

(One week -40 hours) Co-taught with R. Alscher, Ying-Hsuan Sun and Susan McCord. Breeding Symposium Series pp 37-40. View PDF

A routine screening of an elephant should consist of a series of three trunk wash samples collected on separate days within a one-week period, i.e. triple trunk wash series or collection. Each testi View PDF

The mean incurable returns in one week to provide additional informa. Of those familiar with and 1449 are eligible to have completed the series. View PDF

One Week Option Series on indexes shall be A.M. settled. One Week Option Series are P.M. settled, except for One Week Option Series on indexes. View PDF

Participants were required to submit retrieval results within one week of receiving the test set. ZATION as a target, and series 136 has a THING as a target. View PDF

They will be distributed in class one week in advance of their due dates. 5%. Note: you may not hand in a reaction paper for those weeks you present. View PDF

Landmarks of Feb. 24 This National Endowment for the Humanities program supports a series of one-week resi. Hotel next week on February 3rd, 2015 at 2:45 pm. View PDF

29. 'Idealized Algol and Conjunctive Types', one-week seminar in the Frontiers of Computer. Workshop on Normalization by Evaluation NBE '98, BRICS Note Series NS-98-1, Universityof Aarhus, Denmar View PDF

In Figure 2, we present a one-week period for a series taken from each level of the hierarchy. Figure 2: A one-week period of demand corresponding to different numbers of aggregated meters. View PDF

Participants were required to submit retrieval results within one week of receiving the test set. Example series (minus the XML tags) are shown in figure 1. View PDF

This number could be expanded should the group so desire by spending more than one week on any one lecture. Do not feel that you must have a PhD in order to facilitate this series! View PDF

Spark held by your chapter in one week! We are challenging you to put together a burst keynotes, a research tutorial workshop, and a series of week during membership month! View PDF

As part of this collaborative program, the Swiss were holding a series of one week, ICPSR-ish, workshops in social scientific methodology. These one-week intensives were designed to fill the gap. View PDF

Continuing with its series of one-week full residential training workshops for bioimaging. Firstround of 3 CAFÉ-PLUS Series and Finale has beencompleted. View PDF

A one-week series of public lectures on web-based education will be included in the symposium of education researchers. Tämä kokoussanasto on tarkoitettu apuvälineeksi työssään englanniksi kok View PDF

This fifth, full-time one week course in the series will consider a complex clinical case to consolidate the content of all the previous academic courses. This course involves full-time study for on View PDF

A series of performances over one week by the Jette Parker Young Artists. P E R F O R M A N C E R E V I E W. View PDF

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