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Invaluable insights into the nature of brands and branding by some of the most successful and high-profile names in the business. * The companies rated by marketers as the rising stars for the future are those with very clearly positioned, confident corporate brands. * This series of essays by top names in the business clearly indicates that nothing is as important as managing the brand -- if the company is to prosper. * An impressive list of contributors -- the most successful in the business, including household names such as Archie Norman of Asda, Bob Ayling of British Airways, Richard Branson of Virgin, Robert Holloway of Levi Strauss, Alain Evrard of L'Oreal and Sir Clive Thompson of Rentokil Initial. * All the brands represented are well known: Asda, British Airways, Cadbury's, Durex, FedEx, Guinness, Hewlett-Packard, Levi's, L'Oreal, McDonald's, Mandarin Oriental, and more...* The editor, Fiona Gilmore, is one of the leading brand positioning and corporate identity consultants in Europe.
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