Of Elvan Heroes: The Chronicles of Brawrloxoss, Book Six / J. R. Knoll,

Book Cover Of Elvan Heroes: The Chronicles of Brawrloxoss, Book Six
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/ J. R. Knoll,
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Heroes are not born. They are forged. Sired by the Elf Kingdom's greatest hero, the daughter of the courageous and noble Leumas Brebor is small even by elvan standards, but still she will find the fate of the Elf Kingdom resting heavily on her dainty shoulders. A dragon has attacked the elves, and for all the might wielded by the elves, they cannot repel him. After dispatching heroes and hundreds of soldiers, firing parts of the castle and bringing misery to the elves, the viper dragon, Vultross, declares himself the Lord of Abtont, and after an unsuccessful attempt to kill him, Teek Brebor finds herself banished to the Hard Lands to be hunted by the viper dragon and killed for her deed against him. Unknown to Vultross, she has another mission in the desert, one to find the means to bring down this menace once and for all. Alas, Teek finds herself embroiled in an even more sinister plot, one perpetrated from within, one that could give the viper dragon almost unlimited power should he merge with the Heart of Abtont. Ultimately, with the council of the sacred unicorns, Teek must somehow bring to her home the power to defeat the self proclaimed Lord of Abtont, even if that should mean seeking the aid of the terrifying dragon of myth, the Lord of the Desert.
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