Race the Wyverns, The Chronicles of Brawrloxoss, book 8 / J. R. Knoll,

Book Cover Race the Wyverns, The Chronicles of Brawrloxoss, book 8
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/ J. R. Knoll,
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Fall means the wyvern migration from the Dark Mountains north of the Abtont Forest to unknown parts south. It also means that the villages outlying the safety of Caipiervell's castles will be attacked by hungry wyverns. To draw the wyverns away from the villages and a castle outpost of Caipiervell, Duke Ikthar has established a lottery that selects people for the suicidal Wyvern Run, in which peasants are selected to cast their lives to fate in hopes of surviving long enough to collect a tempting sum of gold. Not yet seventeen seasons old, Maelynn of Narroth decides to act against the wishes of her family and make the run in her father's place, only to find herself embroiled in matters she had never dreamed of. An accomplished archer, her aspirations of making the journey to Zondae to join their ranks are dashed as her very life is threatened seemingly by all sides as nobles seek power, deadly predators wish to make a meal of her, and she finds herself caught right in the middle of two wars, and under the direct attention of two of the biggest predators in the land.
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