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Marlon J. Williams

Kate Wolford

Dr. Sukhraj S. Dhillon

Murray Hunter

Author:Murray Hunter Price:$382.00

Essential Oils: Art, Agriculture, Science, Industry and Entrepreneurship: a Focus on the Asia-pacific Region (Agriculture Issues and Policies)

This book takes an interdisciplinary look at the development of essential oils from the agricultural to consumer products sectors. The book espouses a product/market driven and entrepreneurial approach rather than a commodity approach, offering many new ideas and tools to assist the reader in the area of essential oil development. This book uniquely covers both the technical and business aspects in a detail that will inform readers of the complexities of essential oil development, production and business development. This book is the result of the author's thirty years experience in the industry.

Author:Murray Hunter Price:$86.65

Opportunity, Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Vol. 2: The Sources of Opportunity, Resources, Skills, Competencies & Capabilities, Networks the Competitive Environment & the Opportunity Framework

Today, entrepreneurship is one of the most written about topics in the field of business, but in general opportunity has not been seen to directly drive the firm's strategies, capabilities, and resources. This book attempts to bring the concept of opportunity into mainstream discussion and consideration by presenting a meta-theory which dissects all the elements of opportunity, so this phenomenon can be better understood. Volume two is concerned the environment, strategy and the firm. This volume will explain that all opportunities must have a basis of leverage into the competitive environment. Strategy should be built directly upon the source of ...

Micki Street


Author:Dean Anthony Gratton Price:$29.95

Bluetooth Profiles

Bluetooth Profiles: The Definitive Guide shows how to build interoperable, user-centered Bluetooth products that work "right out of the box." It covers usage models, principles, user expectations and dependencies for every significant Bluetooth Profile - from the Foundation Profiles, such as LAN access and file transfer, to powerful emerging profiles including personal area networking and automotive applications. It even offers practical guidance for creating your own new profiles.

Author:Dean Anthony Gratton Price:$48.38

Developing Practical Wireless Applications

Author:Dean Anthony Gratton Price:$69.02

The Handbook of Personal Area Networking Technologies and Protocols

This handbook offers an unparalleled view of wireless personal area networking technologies and their associated protocols. It lifts the lid on their growing adoption within the consumer electronics, home automation, sports, health and well-being markets. Bluetooth low energy, ZigBee, EnOcean and ANT+ are comprehensively covered, along with other WPAN technologies including NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth classic and high speed, and WHDI. It also features 802.11ac, the Internet of Things, Wireless USB, WiGig and WirelessHD. The handbook shows how white space radio, cellular and Femtocells have inadvertently blurred the boundaries between personal and wide area communications, creating disruptive topologies through technology convergence. It explores how pervasive WAN technologies have spawned a new generation of consumers through the Lawnmower Man Effect and explains how our personal space has become integral to social media streams, including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. An essential read for students, software engineers and developers, product planners, technical marketers and analysts.

Desiree Woodland

Deborah Leistikow

Angela White