How To Set Up An FLR: A Couple's Guide to Female Led Relationships / Green, Georgia Ivey

'How To Set Up An FLR' is a straight froward, no nonsense book that tells it like it is. Georgia Ivey Green (also known as Mistress Ivey) tells her readers the truth about Female Led Relationships instead of feeding their fantasies like so many others have done in the past. She talks about real life and how to implement a female led relationship that fits you in real life, not in some fantasy you may have picked up from the Internet. Couples gain the knowledge to avoid common pitfalls and ease into an FLR where both parties can feel comfortable. She takes the fantasy out and puts the reality in.

'How To Set Up An FLR' was originally a highly successful ebook for your favorite e-reader. Now it is available in paperback so you can hold it in your hand, write comments and notes in the margins, or quickly access any page for the information you need. There are many sections that you will want to refer back to for years to come. This book is invaluable to those wishing to establish a successful female led relationship. It will guide couples just starting out as well those who may have tried to set up an FLR before and failed. It covers such things as approaching your partner, creating an agreement, limits, and, yes, even cuckolding. If you have ever thought about converting your relationship to an FLR, then you really aught to read this book first. It could save your relationship.
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