FemDom Relationship Guide: How to build a lasting and successful female led relationship with a submissive man / Caroline Peel

So you want to have a FemDom relationship or want to know how that would even work? You are a man and want to convince your wife to become your future mistress? You are a woman and want to understand submissive men or train one? Then this is your book. You should not read this book, if you're interested in any 'hot' FemDom sex stories - you won't find them there. You will find a complete manual for a FemDom relationship, however. So much of the websites out there are focusing on the sexual elements of FemDom, and almost no one talks about FemDom as a relationship model. Needless to say that it seems all of the writings are from men, and they really don't understand women [and especially not Dominant women]. I have been in a FemDom relationship for almost 10 years now, and yes, it works - it's the best lifestyle ever, I love it! But getting there wasn't easy. The stuff on the internet, for instance, was worthless. I received lots of help, but I have to admit that much of this was sheer luck. The first step was understanding my submissive husband and his desire to be dominated. It was by accident that I discovered my husband's visits to a Dominatrix close by. How was I supposed to understand that? If I would have had access to a book like this one, I would've understood him much better. But back then this book didn't exist.... Instead, I invested lots of time to understand submissive men and went on a journey. After some time, we introduced FemDom. I learned to Dominate. I learned to command. I learned to own him. He's mine now. And both of us love it. But even today, 10 years later, there still is no adequate book or guide out there which teaches the two most basic things: - Accepting and understanding submissive men as a woman - Dominanten a man and living a FemDom relationship in the long run. That's why I decided to write this book. It's not only a collection of thoughts - it's a through handbook guiding you on your journey towards total FemDom. Here is an overview of what you will find inside: Chapter 1: Why I Became A Mistress (Understanding Submissive Men, On Femdom And Relationships: Femdom Is Love) Chapter 2: The Benefits Of Female Domination Chapter 3: The Mistress And How To Become One Chapter 4: Finding A Submissive Male Or Creating One Chapter 5: Train A Submissive Male To Be A Slave Chapter 6: Establishing Your Authority: Ways To Make Him Obey Chapter 7: Managing A Femdom Relationship Chapter 8: How To Make Him Obey With Rituals And Things Chapter 9: The Art Of Discipline: Advice, Technique And Implements Chapter 10: Femdom Examples Chapter 11 Frequently Asked Questions Chapter 12: Last Steps It's a 170 page book and contains years of experience. What do you need more? Here are the two FemDom rules: 1. Mistress is always right. 2. When Mistress is wrong, Rule #1 applies.
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