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/ Hardacre, Zak
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Phoenix Samael has lived an emotional and troubled past. Born and raised by a downtrodden mother and an abusive, alcoholic father was not a good start in life. The day he walked out and left them was one of the most joyous memories, which quickly turned to sadness. His mother being diagnosed with dementia at a young age shaped the person he was to become. It was no surprise after leaving university that his empathetic nature guided him into the nursing profession.A mental health unit and a fragile, broken young woman, in the guise of Justine Shaw, was a turning point in his life. Her history of horrific sexual and emotional abuse was a darker reflection of his own life. Two souls destined to meet. A spark that kindled a passion, slowly began to burn brightly. Could he distance himself and hide the inner feelings that were emerging? Remaining professional in something he so desperately sought was indeed to be a challenge.Nightmares of a foreign land, in an age of so-called “Enlightenment”, haunted him every night. Images of depravity and debauchery involving a trio of libertine men, an alien world he was never exposed to. What did the dreams mean? Was he strong enough to deal with the thoughts and cravings they instilled in him? A chance meeting with an old friend and a mysterious club. Rooms that catered for everything a person could need to fulfill their every wanton desire. Could they assist him in holding back the inner demon and unleashing it on an already tortured soul?This was to be a battle of wills. Can love prevail over lust, decadence and immorality? In this story of hope and redemption, there can be only one winner.
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