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/ Hardacre, Zak
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After leaving Ireland, Cillian O’Brien has a chance encounter with a lonely German widow. Over a period of forty-eight hours, she introduces him to the unfamiliar world of punishment role play.

Although he is young and innocent he relents to her wishes. The weekend's activities, stir something in him he can’t quite put his finger on. Being paid for his services is alien to him, but it sets him down a path of self-discovery.

Wanting to get to know more about what he has just experienced, he visits a fetish club in London. There he meets a Dom and his submissive. Being introduced to the Dom by a friend, he witnesses and takes part in the intricacies of training a ‘sub’.

Armed with his new-found knowledge and understanding, he heads for a break in the Mediterranean sun. His choice of location is not by chance. The Spanish resort of Marbella is a magnet for the rich and well-heeled of society.

Enter Savannah a quiet and demure looking older woman. Cillian immediately is attracted to the shy retiring lady. Yet she hides a secret that he must search deep within himself to submit to.

Is this the kind of life that he wants to lead? Is the money a big enough reason to continue? Only on completion of this journey of discovery will those questions be answered

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