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MANTRI MARKU'S BIO AND DESCRIPTION OF SONGS LYRICS (155 Nos)MOST USEFUL FOR MOVIES/TV/RADIO/ADVERTISEMENTS/LABELSMantri Pragada Markandeyulu, Bachelor of Commerce (B Com), Diploma in Business Management (DBM), Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA), Diploma in Computer and Commercial Practice (DCCP) is the Author and Writer for these English version Lyrical Songs, which could be composed and recorded for songs for use in various movies of Hollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood and Bollywood throughout the world. He has written English Lyrics for making fully composed tunes to Songs, around 145 songs (lyrics) + 37 Hindi Songs (Lyrics) + 10 Christmas English Songs (Lyrics), 38 Telugu Songs Lyrics + 330 Quotes in English (each Quote is in 8-10 lines). Also, he has written 400 Haiku Poetry (famous Japanese Poetry, and in use in all over the world in more than 50 countries)He is a retired Officer from PSU and a permanent resident of Hyderabad (Telangana State) India. He is also an Author & Writer of 50 kindle eBooks on stories of non-fiction/fiction/educational/literature which can be viewed in www.amazon.com and www.kdp.amazon.com, www.kindle.amazon.com.His special ebooks are, (1) ENTANGLEMENTS (consists of 25 short stories in English) (2) MARK’S QUOTES (330 quotes) (3) THE DOCTOR AND THE GHOSTS (For Movie/TV serial purpose) (4) LADY POLICE (For Movie utility) (5) My Flower to your Heart, Derailed Mission, My Darling, Wings of Love, Fraudulent Husband, Shattered Affection, What I can do in my life, NGO (Systems and Procedures), etc. And other Short stories, all useful for making movies. ©ENGLISH POETRY & CHRISTMAS (FOR MOVIES & TV PURPOSE)COPY RIGHTS © PROTECTED I have penned and authored ©English Songs (Lyrics) on different and varied subject matter. Contact me for your requirement for considering utility of these songs for movies. These songs could be composed for tunes, songs and music. These lyrical songs can be composed and practiced in various ragas in Classical music, Hindustani, Carnatic, Fusion, Folk, Baul, Ghazal, Qawwali, Chaiti, Kajan, Sufi music including eastern & western types of music style. The music also can be composed as per the choice of listeners and music lovers. Apart from this, modern music like Bhangra, Filmi, Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz and Trance music can be composed for some of the songs for the lyrics of these English Songs. This songs/music can be practiced by one-and-all who is/are vocal practitioners and musicians, music directors, music composers and music associations can well utilize this opportunity whoever interested in composing various types of music to play & listen on the latest digital stereo versions. I write my lyrical songs for sale to Musicians/film producers. My songs (lyrics) could be composed for best tunes, music and for composing full song for use in movies viz., Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood films. Even my songs (Lyrics) could be utilized for making private albums. I will write songs (lyrics), according to the wishes of musicians/film producers/artists purpose. The list of my English Songs (Lyrics) is readily available for utility and the caption of the songs list, is attached herewith: 10 CHRISTMAS ENGLISH LYRICS 37 HINDI SONGS LYRICS38 TELUGU SONGS LYRICS400 HAIKU POETRY145 Songs in English325 Quotations (Each Quote 6-8 lines) with and without photos12 Stories in English01LADY POLICE STORY (www.BecomeShakespeare.com)02THE DOCTOR AND GHOSTS [MANTRI MARKU]Author, Storywriter, Lyricist & Songwriterwww.mantri1948.simplesite.comwww.mantrimark.wordpress.comTwitter: @mrkndyl68Instagram: Mantri MarkPh: +91-9951038802 / +91-8186945103
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