Book Cover FRAUD HUBBY, A Crime and Family Story
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SYNOPSIS : FRAUD HUBBY STORY(A Crime and Family Story)It’s story of a mindless Husband and Helpless family members. Husband cheats wife and children. Husband also cheats his employer Bank. Husband’s all bad habits like gambling, racing, deceiving, drinking, playing cards/rummy and what not, made him to deceive his own bread-giver employer. Husband maintains an illicit relationship with another woman. Wife and children suffer because of Husband’s very bad habits. Ultimately, entire family ruins and loose the family image and reputation. Finally, Husband lands in jail and suffers. Family address and whereabouts not known. A beautiful life of family members, unnecessarily damaged and stood nowhere in the family and social circle and lost the reputation of surname, just because of Husband’s mindless actsFINANCIAL PLANNING IS IMPORTANT IN LIFE, TO SETTLE-DOWN HAPPILY. MORE SO, PATIENCE IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT. DISCIPLINE IS VERY ESSENTIAL IN PROFESSIONAL LIFE. PRINCIPLES IN LIFE TO LEAD A GOOD AND HEALTHY FAMILY LIFE IS THE NEED OF HOUR. SINCERITY AND DEDICATION TOWARDS PROFESSION/WORK WILL MAKE THE FAMILY LIFE HAPPY. IT’S THE HEREDITARY THAT MAKES THE SURNAME ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD HISTORY. BAD HABBITS RUIN THE ENTIRE FAMILY AND CHILDREN. EVEN IF ONE DOESN’T WORK AND EARN, NO PROBLEM, BUT ONE SHOULD NOT SPOIL THE SURNAME AND FAMILY PRESTIGE. THE BEST PRINCIPLE IS TO BE QUIET AND CALM IN LIFE WITH A POSITIVE THOUGHT. LIFE IS A LIFE, WHICH BRINGS HAPPINESS AND CHEERS TO ENTIRE FAMILY, CHILDREN, AND KITH AND KIN. LIFE HAPPINESS, IS NOTHING BUT, TO BE HAPPY WITH FAMILY AND CHILDREN.ByMANTRI PRAGADA MARKANDEYULUSTORY, SONG AND LYRIC WRITERHAIKU POETRY WRITEREmail: [email protected]+91-9951038802 / +91-8186945103Hyderabad, (Telangana State) INDIA ----------------
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