American Living Large in Mexico, Part 2: Making the Move, The Real Deal / Bill the Geek

Making the Move, The Real Deal

Hi, this is Bill the Geek, Bill Dallas Lewis, Dartmouth College, Ohio State University Grad, full fledged Geek.

This is part 2 of, "American Living Large in Mexico. Making the Move, The Real Deal."

In part 1, I went over the basics, but in this part, I get into the very specifics of making the move to Mexico and working online so that you can earn good money online from countries that pay good money. Countries like Great Britain, The United States, Australia and other English speaking countries where people will pay you online and this money will go into your USA bank account.

How this book was written.

The following text is from me talking into my computer, going from chapter idea to the next chapter idea. It was not written, the text all comes from the spoken word. After I recorded the whole thing, I had a wonderful person in Europe transcribe the voice into text.

Thus, this book is like listening to someone, me, talking. Sentences will run together and the grammar may not read like you standard, stiff written word.

Website and SEO Information.

In later chapters I will tell you how to help people find you on the internet by building a web site and writing the website with excellent SEO, Search Engine Optimization techniques that will put you on page 1 of Google.

I mean this several times in the book. To see the videos that will teach you how to build your website and how to get on page 1 of Google, simply go to my website;

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