If Only I Had a Place: The Aspiring Expat's Guide to Renting Luxuriously in Mexico for Less / Baker, Kerry

Even with social security benefits, pensions and hundreds of thousand dollars in investment savings, the cost of living, particularly the cost of healthcare, is outpacing how much money Americans are projected to need in retirement. Perhaps you are working with less.

Are you questioning the prospect of a meager retirement against the idea of moving to a less-expensive country?

You are not alone. Mexico, with its proximity to home, tops the list of those countries Americans are flocking to.

No one, regardless of their side of the aisle, can deny the demoralizing political shadow Americans are living under today. Are you asking yourself if you can or should just endure it, year-round, in the most important years of your life?

If fear of your money not lasting and the daily news are keeping you-you awake at night, Mexico could be your answer.

Mexico is already the answer for at least a million other Americans living in Mexico full-time and thousands more who live in Mexico part-time.

Renting the right place in Mexico for an extended stay is the first step of exploring the option of Mexico, whether considering full-time expat life or just taking a break from the prevailing national climate to live there part-time.

“If Only I Had a Place: An Aspiring Expat's Guide to Renting Luxuriously in Mexico for Less" gives you a system to sustain your rental success at a high level for year after year, and explains why doing it right in your first “tour” is so critically important.

This 156-page book will show you how to take the first step in exploring life in Mexico, renting a luxurious place for an extended period for less than you dreamed possible.

It also provides a listing of carefully vetted rental concierges in many of the most popular areas can give you someone on the ground to preview places from a distance. Most have an online presence, website or business. Some are expats with many years experience in the area you're considering and can be a gold mine of information

The book is supported by the website, Ventanas Mexico (www.ventanasmexico.com) launched in 2014 by the author. The website includes a book page with updates on housing issues and new rental concierge contact listings as additional concierges are added. Interviews with many of the rental concierges are posted in website blogs to get to know them better.

Don't forget - you don't need an e-reader. Simply download the Kindle app to read on your computer or laptop.

Like reviewers have said, "If Only I Had a Place" is about more than how to rent luxuriously and for less. It's a system to address the most critical aspect of living happily in Mexico; building your social support network.

For more information, visit www.ventanasmexico.com for first-hand comparisons with the U.S. on silo topics of healthcare, learning the language, daily life in another culture, housing, and saving money, all key priorities for aspiring expats seeking to live the best of both worlds.

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