Retire in Mexico - Live Better for Less Money: Live the American Dream in Mexico for half the price. Luxury on a shoestring can be yours! / Dru Pearson

This fifth edition, completely updated in 2019, is brimming with sound and thoughtful advice on retirement in Mexico. Everything from how to pick your location to the new residency procedure is covered. You will even learn the updated 2019 income requirements for expats. If you've ever considered retirement in Mexico, read this book first. It has the most up-to-date information that would otherwise take you months of frustration to acquire.

But why Mexico? The reasons are many. Often, people choose Mexico because of its proximity to the United States and Canada. Unlike most other exotic retirement locations that require lengthy plane trips, it's easy to drive back and forth to Mexico.

Another important reason is that Mexico is a bargain compared to the rest of North America and Europe. Expatriates live very well, often more luxuriously than they did “back home,” on very little money. Housing is half what it costs in the States; excellent medical and dental care is startlingly inexpensive; and the government will even provide group health insurance for less than $500 a year!

Then, too, Mexico is rich in archaeological sites, steeped in history, and has a more exciting “foreign” culture than any place in Western Europe. There is also no denying that its delicious cuisine, stunning architecture, colonial cities, and temperate climate also play a part in people's decision.

Pearson isn't implying that Mexico is Shangri-La, but she thinks it is closer to paradise than any place you can find in the United States, Canada or Europe. Here in this land of majestic mountains and rolling countryside, a gentle people are willing to welcome retirees into their hearts. Expats have more time to explore other interests and develop talents because they have more freedom, better health, less stress, and fewer mundane chores. The low cost of living allows them to splurge on luxuries that would be prohibitive anywhere else and to take advantage of world-class resorts that are only a few hours´ drive away. No, the country isn't perfect, but, according to Pearson, you cannot get any closer to paradise than Mexico.
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