Livin' In Mexico: What It Really Costs: Five Real-World Budgets from $500 to $2500 Monthly / Burke, Brian

This is the latest release in The Livin' In Mexico series by best-selling author Brian Burke. This book creates, describes, outlines, and outright lives five real-world budgets, from $500. to $2500 USD a month. It is intended to guide you, inform you, and price the cost of living across a number of different ways of life in Mexico, depending on budget. It starts monthly expenses beginning at $500 USD, and tops out at $2500 USD, creating detailed plans every $500 up.

In this, the third book of the series, he explores a new theme. What does it really cost to live in Mexico? Why is there so much contradictory information online about costs? What do I need to know before making the move? And when I have made the move, how do I get the maximum benefit from the dollars available? Find a house, not get ripped off, where to shop, what to avoid?

These are just some of the questions this book answers.

These lifestyles are all possible, and at even the lowest levels you will eat sleep and drink just fine. Plus you'll be living in Mexico! Which in and of itself is priceless! How do you value a beautiful sunset over the ocean? Or sunrise? Endless sunny, warm days? Tacos? You can't put a dollar figure on that (OK, maybe the tacos), but if you could, consider it at roughly the cost of a week vacation in Mexico, $150 a day at a bare minimum. Most come in closer to $200 a day. But really, you can't. Living here is indeed priceless.

The book covers food, transportation, housing, entertainment, healthcare, banking, internet, utilities. If you're going to need it, we're going to talk about it.

Some parts of this book will benefit from select passages from the authors' first book about Mexico, entitled 'Livin' In Mexico: The Real Story'. It's a best seller; and should be read by anyone considering a move across the border. While this book is about what it really costs to live in Mexico, that book describes what it's like to actually live there. Read both, and you're so well prepared you may as well have lived in Mexico for a couple of years already.

From the author:

I decided to write this book for a number of reasons. One, I live on a budget. I'm not retired, and have no fixed income. This has allowed me to live all five of the budgets outlined in this book. They're all possible, I've lived them. This affords insight on what's affordable at different stages of income.

Two, I haven't seen any book to date that describes cost of living in Mexico across multiple income levels. So we're going to do that. People have different income levels, so why not try and address as many potential situations as possible?

Three, and most importantly, I've been wanting to offer a definitive, reference, no bullshit guide for a while now. You buy the book, you get the straight dope. That's the deal, you get the real story.


The quality of information online is more often than not inaccurate.
Sometimes, if not oftentimes, it's offered as a public service, but biased to favour a financial position, like selling you a condo. Everyone is selling something, I'm just selling this book.

If you've read any of my other books on Mexico, you know what to expect from this one. It will be the plain, unvarnished, nothin-but-de-truth truth. There will likely be some scary one star reviews from people who make a good living in Mexico off of what you don't know, but we're not going to gloss over anything to avoid ruffling feathers (which of course we will), we're just going to be real. Because Mexico is real, and if you get that, if you live that, you can't help but be real yourself.
Also available bundled with 'Livin' In Mexico: The Real Story', at a discounted price of $9.99 USD.

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