BRAT - An FBoM Standalone Novel (Eyes of Justice) / Bosso, EM

Sex-trafficking that spans the globe. Political intrigue and cover-ups. A story you don't want to believe but can't stop reading.
Big money, the Mafia, and a cabal of power-merchants, all combine to stop one man that just wants to do the right thing.

"I loved this book very much. It was just so different and twisted and I was just blown away."

The FBoM universe is more than just a noir exploration of the aftermath of rape, abuse, and ultimately the self-destructive nature of revenge. The interactions between the light and the dark aspects of society create a space of grey as they edge closer to each other.

Do teenage boys and young men truly understand the implications of their actions? Can a young man that would consider it to be a great night if an attractive young woman got him drunk and “took advantage of him” conceive a woman may see it differently? In a world where reprehensible behavior displayed in movies, television, music, and video games is rewarded, and positively reinforced, who is to blame?

Does a father’s righteous anger justify an any means necessary attitude to satisfy his need for vengeance? What if his revenge is to build a foundation that helps and supports victims of rape? Are the individuals that know of the Foundation’s alter-ego any more guilty of “evil” than the parents that turn the other cheek on, or bury their heads in the face of, their own son’s misdeeds?

Can a father that disrespects his wife, or a mother that allows it, expect their children to grow up to believe it’s anything but the way things should be?

The FBoM series isn’t about answers: it’s about questions.

The Novella Chris Crossed asked the question, “what creates a sociopath? Is it nurture or nature? Can we as fellow humans find any understanding, or even go so far as to sympathize, with what many would call true evil?
This novella asks more common questions. The kinds we can all identify with, “What causes a good man to fall from light to dark? How far down does the slippery slope go before you stop?”

Bradley is perhaps my favorite character in a world of complex characters, yet he has the least amount of time devoted to his story in the FBoM universe. This is his story. Thank you Bradley for sharing your world and finding a home within the chronicles of the Foundation.
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