Prehistoric Crisis: The Official Manual and Secrets Guide / Angel Ramon

The GameLit virtual world of DinoRule is rather expansive and there is much to learn about the world. For those who want to learn more about the world of DinoRule and dig in further into the characters, this is the official manual to the book. The manual for Prehistoric Crisis dissect the story from the ground up and give you detailed information about the characters, locations, temples, weapons, enemies, and even hard stats about each weapon/enemies.

The manual will also go into detail about the different regions and break them down from the most obvious of details to those that you might be amazed to learn that might not have made it to the book. Secrets will also be revealed that you will never see in the main book series. Of course, the cool stuff such as weapons and spells will be talked about and you'll find out what are the weaknesses and strength of each one.

Finally, there will also be a section that presents a simple walkthrough into how to navigate the realm of DinoRule if it were to be a real video game. This manual will break down the world of DinoRule into greater detail and will assist you should you get lost or desire to learn more about the many secrets of the book.

As an additional bonus, previews of books 2, 3, & 4 are included in the manual as well for those looking for a headstart into the rest of the upcoming series. Of course, there will also a refresher on the main plot of Prehistoric Crisis.

It's recommended that you read Prehistoric Crisis before reading this guide unless you want to cheat of course. It's time to bring back the good old strategy guides that you use to read if you were a video game nerd back in the day.
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