The Gringo Guide to México - Its History, People, and Culture - Vol. I / Murry E. Page

Thinking about México?
Are you planning on moving to México?
Have you recently moved to México?
Do you want to learn more about México?

If an answer is “Yes,” then this book is something you should consider.

The more you know about the history, people, and culture of México makes living in this beautiful country more interesting and meaningful.

This is not your typical book, but a collection of articles written by the author over a five year period for his column, The Page Turner, in the English newspaper, The Mazatlan Messenger. The articles written by the author for The Page Turner run the gamut. He has written about Benito Juárez, as well as Pedro Infante. There are articles on México’s first emperor and the sex slave business in a small Mexican town. However, the writings include lighter topics, such as Finding a Margarita and Chiclets – The Candy Coated Gum.

All of the articles have the purpose of providing foreign nationals living in México and those who hope to call México home in the future, information that will make their life in México more interesting and meaningful.

Some of the articles contained in this book have been revised from their original publications to include more current information. Additionally, the majority of the articles are written in “first person” and frequently includes personal experiences. The author feels this method of communicating provides for a more intimate story telling approach rather than a lecture to his readers.

The Gringo Guide to Mexico - Its History, People, and Culture is a two volume set. This is the first volume. Since the book is a compilation of articles there is no chronological order to the two volumes or their contents.

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