Locked Up Forever / Hollie Hutchins


"Show me your mouth.
Good girl. Make sure you swallow them both..."

They locked up in an asylum.
My own mother abandoned me. 

"No one wants to be around a freak. You do something to them! You make me so angry!
I hate you."

They say I'm crazy because I see another world.
I see..other things.

And what's even worse...is that they may be right.
But just maybe.

I know PrinceCallum is real. 
I know what I feel is real.

I wish I could show them.
Come back to mom married to some hard-to-get super handsome prince...
One that actually loves this freak. 

I Imagine all the pain, all the humiliation, just gone.
Yup, just like in fairy tales.
Definitely a better option than drowning myself in the toilet, as I've considered doing.

But a girl can only dream...

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