Lord Rokkan's Private Toy / Hollie Hutchins


“I like my breakfast to be served in my room.”
“You will make me my favorite dish for dinner.”
“You are here to serve your Prince. And you shall serve him well…”

And what is a poor girl from District 1 to do?
Spill hot-boiling soup on the Prince’s face.

He had it coming.

Of course, he sent me off to the dungeons. 
I’ve never cried so hard in my entire life. 

He shows up the next morning, his skin still red.

“I could have you hanged for this.”

“You’re disgusting,” - I yelled at him.
“You may have everyone else fooled with your charismatic, laid-back attitude, but I know you’re full of it.”
“You’re just a scared, confused boy trying to walk around in your dad’s shoes which are way too big for you.” 

Before I knew it, he grabbed me by the shoulders and pinned me against the wall. 

“You should be grateful for what I’ve done for your people.”

I look him in the eye.
“Tell me, your highness, is this how you conduct yourself?“
“Throwing an innocent, exhausted woman in the dungeons simply because she refused to serve you?”

Truth is, If he wanted me killed, I would be dead by now.
But what could possibly be worse than death itself?

Becoming the Prince’s toy.
That is.


Lord Rokkan’s Private Toy is a full-length novel with a HEA. Adults only!
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