The Ithaden’s Slave / Daniella Wright,


"You were gone for 8 months and were clearly abducted."
If there was ever any love in my heart for the father of this child, it is now gone, along with all my memories.
It is time for me to make a decision.

I keep getting bright white flashes.
I remember being cold.
Bars blurring my view.
Weird instruments, like from some kind of lab.
I feel scared, very scared. 

Since I got back I've been feeling someone is watching me.
PTSD, maybe?
But the fact that I know this mysterious stranger probably doesn't exist, makes me want to go running after him...
I certainly didn't expect to catch him, though.

He turned around and looked at me with those blue eyes of his. 
The sadness in them took me by surprise, as did that sudden flare of... something, something unmistakably stirring inside me.

Unless I was having a full-blown psychotic episode, this man was very real. 

"Who are you and why the heck are you stalking me!?" -- I scream.

"Ith-rassil, ptet sirihis ra roross. Hroussil htemtep ra grassil, ith-ihadentet ra." 

I realized that I understood completely what that he was saying, regardless of what language it was:

"I can't say much here. If you want answers, here's where you need to be."

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This is a stand-alone novel with a HEA. 18+ only!
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