Kidnapped by the Colombian Mafia / Myra Brightholme

"You just escaped an encounter with a jaguarundi and a kidnapping." 
"Your investigation of Matias Rodriguez starts tomorrow, Ms. Danvers."

This was a mistake... 
God damn, Laura! 
You're supposed to write the stories, not get yourself in them!

The thought slithers through the back of my mind for the first time.
What kind of people sell drugs and manufacture weapons for a living?
And why?

Only then do I remember I've been kidnapped.
The guards drag me down a twisting, well-marked path. 
I see the outside of a village. I see tall front doors.

"Matias Rodriguez" -- he introduces himself. 
I gulp at the sound of the name I've read in so many reports, so many propaganda campaigns. 
The fear-inducing leader of the GLF...
Even an inch away from me I feel heat radiates from him.

But, is he really as bad as the stories say? 
We'll find out soon enough...

This is a novel with a "Happy Ever After" ending, for adults only. The story stands by self, even if the characters, places and situations depicted may be mentioned in other of my books.
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