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/ Lia Leendertz
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Indoor plants: everyone has them, but few people are aware of the incredible range of weird and wonderful species it is possible to grow -- and it seems even fewer people know how to keep them alive! This new title in the highly successful Collins Practical Gardener series will show you how. The opening practical section takes an in-depth look at the specialised microclimates of a house -- how they change from room to room, and how they affect the growing conditions of plants. The book then takes the major groups of indoor plants -- foliage, flowering, temporary and cacti & other succulents -- and demonstrates the basic care requirements for each. In addition, there are special sections on propagating to increase your stock, grooming and cleaning plants, plus a troubleshooting chapter on dealing with pests and diseases. Properly cared for, house plants can become a major part of the decoration of your house, and this book includes an extensive chapter on all aspects of interior decorating with plants -- featuring inspirational ideas on pots and planters, where to position them and how to combine plants for impressive displays in every room. Contents include:* Indoor Microclimates; Basic Care -- watering, feeding, heat, light and soil; Grooming and Maintenance; Propagation; Designing with Indoor Plants; A-Z Directory of Indoor Plants; Troubleshooting; Pests and Diseases
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