Pre-Intermediate Business Grammar & Practice (Collins English for Business) / Nick Brieger, Simon Sweeney

Book Cover Pre-Intermediate Business Grammar & Practice (Collins English for Business)
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/ Nick Brieger, Simon Sweeney
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A comprehensive and clear guide for those looking to improve their English grammar for use in the workplace. If you are required to use English at work but feel you need to build up your grammar, Collins new Business Grammar & Practice is the perfect solution. Well-known Business English experts Nick Brieger and Simon Sweeney guide the user through 84 units to explain the structure of the English language. Examples of real usage are followed by a simple but thorough explanation of each grammar point. Then, a range of practice exercises cement your understanding. All of the sample sentences are taken from the COBUILD corpus. This ensures that you don't learn artificial language - instead you get to grips with the vocabulary and structures that are used in the business world around the globe today. Work through the book from start to finish for a comprehensive course in pre-intermediate grammar, or pick and choose the topics of most interest to you. Topics covered: * Main tenses (presents, imperatives, pasts, futures, conditionals) * Auxiliaries and modals * Voice - active vs. passive constructions * Irregularities * Sentence and clause types * Nouns * Adjectives and Adverbs * Determiners (articles, pronouns, demonstratives, quantifiers. ..) * Prepositions CEF level: A2-B1 ALSO AVAILABLE: Collins Business Grammar & Practice: Intermediate
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