Grand Prix Attack: f4 Against the Sicilian (The Macmillan Chess Library) / Julian Hodgson, Lawrence Day

Book Cover Grand Prix Attack: f4 Against the Sicilian (The Macmillan Chess Library)
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/ Julian Hodgson, Lawrence Day
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The Grand Prix attack arises after 1 e4 c5 f4 or 1 e4 c5 Nc3 with 3 f4, and has become a feared system on the weekend tournament circuit. White often obtains a crushing kingside attack and the variation has led to many quick victories. One added advantage of the opening is that the strategic ideas tend to be very straightforward and regular practitioners will understand the methods of conducting the attack. This book offers advice for the adherent of the Sicilian defence and the authors demonstrate many possible equalizing lines for Black together with some interesting untried suggestions. The combination of Julian Hodgson, an English International Master, and Lawrence Day, a Canadian International Master, draws upon theory and practice on both sides of the Atlantic. The foreword is by Leonard Barden.
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