Consumer Education and Economics / Ross E Lowe, Charles A Malouf, Annette R Jacobson

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/ Ross E Lowe, Charles A Malouf, Annette R Jacobson
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Glencoe
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ISBN-10: 0026372231
ISBN-13: 9780026372237
Consumer Education & Economics is a comprehensive consumer education program covering three broad areas: understanding our economy, managing family and personal finances, and making well-informed purchasing decisions. The up-to-date content includes credit, identity theft, new investment options, estate planning, using financial software, consumer ethics, and choosing child and adult care services.

Updated content is particularly time sensitive, with many recent developments being addressed: new consumer laws, changes in our health care system, and the rapid growth of Internet resources. Skill development in critical thinking, decision-making, and resources management is emphasized. Colorful charts and graphs summarize information in easy-to-grasp, visually interesting ways.
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