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Book Cover Total Sex: Men's Fitness Magazine's Complete Guide to Everything Men Need to Know and Want to Know About Sex
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Want to be a Virtuoso of Variations?

Keep the Gal of Your Dreams Coming Back for More?

Do You Have a Sense of Humor?

Straight from the mouths of world renowned therapists...and even the guy next door...comes the most authoritative, up-close-and-personal guide to the "quest for great sex" ever written. Written under the auspices of Men's Fitness magazine, this all-inclusive, fully illustrated sourcebook contains everything from general anatomy, physiology, and chemistry to the low-down on sexually transmitted diseases, what to except at your age, to the wilder side of sexual ecstasy, sexbits, and he/she points of view that you'll be hard-pressed to put this book down. Among the hundreds of tantalizing topics you'll discover.

  • Men's Fitness' exclusive cond-o-meter: the oooooh, aaaaaah, 1-10 ratings of our very dedicated male and female condom testers

  • The chemistry of love and lust (and why women aren't the only ones whose hormones run amok)

  • A story of adult circumstances: why one man opted to face the knife

  • Beauty and the breast: are you doing what she likes (or is the room simply too cold?)

  • Searching for secret treasure (a.k.a. how to find the elusive g-spot)

  • The latest buzz on sex toys, cybersex, the swing thing, chick flicks, tough love and other wilder riders

  • Sizing up Mr. Happy--or, girls talk the about the long, short, thick, and thin of it

  • Four fatal signs that she's faking the big O

  • What's lust got to do with it: the craziest (non-felonious) things some guys have done, courtesy of the Men's Fitness lust survey

  • Meet market maneuvers and the bottom line on great relationships, namely, how to remain hot for the long haul

Since its launch in January 1985, Men's Fitness has become one of the nation's top selling magazines for men, boasting over a million readers each month. It's annual "Sex Now" supplement is its #1 selling issue, even winning the prestigious "Western Publications Association Award of Excellence." One of eight magazines published by Weider Publications, Inc., Men's Fitness also complied Men's Fitness Magazine's Complete Guide to Health and Well-Being, which Publuisher's Weekly called, "Immensely informative and insightful...deserves a place in every man's personal library."
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