Bay Network: Router Configuration (Networking) / Roger Herr, Roger Herring, Kirk Graham

Book Cover Bay Network: Router Configuration (Networking)
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/ Roger Herr, Roger Herring, Kirk Graham
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ISBN-13: 9780070284852
Complete coverage--It covers the most common router configuration that will be encountered with easy step-by-step configuration instructions. Plus, it contains complete coverage of Bay Networks Router Hardware Architecture. This is the only book network engineers and administrators will need on Bay Router Configuration. Study aid--Serves as an excellent study guide for the Bay Networks Router Specialist Exam. Troubleshooting--Each chapter will have a special section on troubleshooting Bay Routers. Thorough content--Covers connectivity to multiple network infrastructures including Ethernet, T1, HSSI, SONET, ATM, Frame Relay, and ISDN.
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