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If you want to exploit SAP's reporting capabilities to the fullest, you need to utilize SAPscript--the software suite's built-in word processing facility. SAPscript illustrates how to use this component in conjunction with SAP's ABAP/4 programming language to produce formatted text.

The book begins with an "Overview" chapter that explains the basic concepts of SAPscript, layout sets, and ABAP programming. This chapter frames the challenges and defines key terminology. In the next chapter, entitled "Architecture," author Michaelson Buchanan goes a bit deeper, explaining how forms and code interact and providing details on how to work with layout sets and code. Dense quantities of screen shots illustrate most points and help keep you on track if you're new to these concepts.

Next the author shows how ABAP code can call layout sets with example programs and commentary. The following chapter details the components of layout sets, again with plenty of screen shots. Then it's on to a discussion of the built-in tools such as the debugger and Include Utilities.

With all this technical discussion under the bridge, the author presents two key tutorials: "Making Changes to an Existing Layout Set" and "Changing an ABAP Report." The book concludes with a command reference of SAPscript control commands and formatting options. A companion CD-ROM contains source code examples to aid your study. If you are aware of the text-output challenges of SAP, chances are you can use this book. --Stephen Plain
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