Technology of Cereals: Introduction for Students of Food Science and Agriculture, Fourth Edition / A D EVERS, N. L. Kent

Book Cover Technology of Cereals: Introduction for Students of Food Science and Agriculture, Fourth Edition
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/ A D EVERS, N. L. Kent
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The vast subject of the technology of cereals and cereal-based products is clearly, concisely and systematically presented in this basic text, now in its fourth edition. A mass of key information is condensed into a very readable, carefully organized presentation. All significant aspects of cereal technology are covered, ranging from agricultural cultivation of cereal grains to their processing into a diversity of food products. The scope of coverage is international, covering all cereal grains of commercial and nutritional importance throughout the world, and all significant cereal food products of different countries. All scientific aspects are examined including botanical, chemical and nutritional. All areas of processing are detailed from storage, pre-processing, safety and milling to the various forms of finished-product processing. The text is well illustrated throughout with photographs and schematics, and supplemented with almost 100 tables providing useful reference data.

This is, in effect, a concise one-volume encyclopedia of cereal science and cereal-product technology. It will be helpful to all those involved in the research, development, analysis, processing and commercial utilization of cereal products.

From the Preface to the Fourth Edition

The principal purpose of the fourth edition is to update the material--including the statistics--of the third edition, while maintaining the emphasis on nutrition and, in particular, the effects of processing on the nutritive value of the products as compared with that of the raw materials. However, some new material has been introduced, notably sections dealing with extrusion cooking and the use of cereals for animal feed, and the section on industrial uses for cereals has been considerably enlarged.
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