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This pragmatic book offers the real world knowledge you need to develop lean and maintainable Java EE 5 / 6 applications. Real World Java EE Patterns - Rethinking Best Practices guides you to efficient patterns and best practices in a structured way, with code from real world projects. This book includes coverage of: An introduction into the core principles and APIs of Java EE 6 (EJB, JPA, JMS, JCA, JTA, DI, Convention Over Configuration, REST), Principles of transactions, Isolation Levels, remoting in Java EE 6 context, Discussion of superfluous patterns and outdated best practices like DAOs, Business Delegates, DTOs, extensive layering, indirections, Patterns for integration of asynchronous, legacy, or incompatible resources, Infrastructural patterns for eager-starting of services, thread tracking, pre-condition checks, Java EE 6 lookups or integration of third-party Dependency Injection frameworks like Guice, Fully functional JCA implementation with source code, EJB 2 - EJB 3 migration strategies
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