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/ Alice VL, ER Swan,
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AFTERLIGHT I - FIRST LIGHT When Misty-Bleu found him many years later on a park bench on the grounds of the Coral Hill Oncology Center, she had no way of knowing that they both were about to step into a first-light, and that nothing afterwards, would ever be as it seems. As Misty-Bleu unwittingly navigates her way through her first-light, William is forced to trick the stars, and deceive the universe into thrusting them both into a half-light existence. He had seized her into a world he had created for them to subsist in when the stars, he was convinced, had made a fatal mistake. He was not ready to let her go. He was not ready to hand his heart over to the stars. He was not ready to lose her in either worlds, and he was not ready for someone else to love her. AFTERLIGHT II - HALF-LIGHT The portal was about to close. William was warned to release her back into her first-light. The implications of lingering in their half-light,would be far too costly. It was a price he was not sure he was willing topay. When Misty-Bleu slowly began returning to her first-light, she was devastated to learn that she had in fact, lived in the portal with William, only it was all in her mind. When William found one final way to return to her and her first-light through his good friend, Joshua, he returned to her by tricking the stars and deceiving the universe one last time. AFTERLIGHT III - NEW LIGHT The portal had closed. Misty-Bleu had surrendered to the reality that she had lived an entire existence in a world she had conjured up in her mind. Yet, the memories she brought with her, would overwhelm her, and dreadfully taunt and haunt her. She was desperate to cling to what was real, and she was frantic to conquer what never was. As they begin to navigate away from their half-light in a desperate attempt to survive in a world they no longer felt they belonged in, it was the memories of the portal that would not allow them to forget. In the end, it was what would ultimately save them, and bring them home, to their new light.
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