School Zone - Math Basics 2 Workbook - 64 Pages, Ages 7 to 8, 2nd Grade, Addition & Subtraction, Time & Money, Place Value, Fact Families, and More (School Zone I Know It!® Workbook Series) / School Zone

Book Cover School Zone - Math Basics 2 Workbook - 64 Pages, Ages 7 to 8, 2nd Grade, Addition & Subtraction, Time & Money, Place Value, Fact Families, and More (School Zone I Know It!® Workbook Series)
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A pleased aunt and teacher praised Math Basics 2 through her own eyes and those of a child: 'This book was wonderful. My nephew really enjoyed working in this book. He even said that this was the best book that I have bought for him. Out of all the books that he has to work on, he would always choose this one. When I asked him why he liked this book so much. He responded that the book is fun with all of the colors and pictures. He also liked the added activities such as the dot to dot and puzzles that help him take a break from the basic math. I like this book because it does cover a lot of the skills that we teach in the schools. As a teacher, I would recommend every parent to buy this book for their child. It is a fun way to practice your math skills.'

Playful animal friends do make math adventures more fun! From cover to cover Math Basics 2 has creative activities that teach and reinforce early math skills, including addition, subtraction, fact families, place value, measuring, comparing, skip counting, telling time, counting money, beginning fractions, and more! Kids will also work with shapes and angles--beginning geometry--and will practice using a variety of graphs. Locking in early math helps build a foundation of skill and confidence for higher-level math. The lessons in Math Basics 2 are planned in learning sequence; skills introduced in one lesson build on those taught in previous lessons. It's a perfect way to introduce, review, and maintain essential math skills, and tear-out pages easily make individual worksheets. Along the way, colorful illustrations and an Award Certificate for completion help keep kids motivated. The workbook is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, a comprehensive and progressive set of learning objectives created to help students succeed in math. At the bottom of each workbook page is a cross-reference to the Common Core grade level and 'domain' or skill area that the activity practices. The workbook is also consistent with Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, a publication by the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and it is compatible with Singapore math pedagogy.

Kids love color, characters, and 'room' to play. School Zone workbooks deliver all that and so much more. Almost 40 years ago the company responded to parents need for tools to help reinforce in-school learning. Workbooks continue to be just the right combination of play and practice, making them excellent, teacher-created, parent-approved resources. Writing by hand fires up specific parts of a child s brain, improving the ability not only to remember what he or she learns, but to think of new ideas. Think of workbooks as analog devices because workbook practice can help kids develop fine motor skills, focus on the task at hand, and learn at their own pace.

With 59 pages of math activities, an easy-reference Answer Key, and that Award Certificate for a job well done, this Math Basics 2 Workbook covers the fundamentals in style. A Parent Guide inside the front cover help serve as a guide to maximizing learning and Activities to Share inside the back cover offer ideas for creative lessons that feel more like play. Use all these great tools and strategies to encourage questions, support challenges, and reduce math anxiety. Tuck this workbook in tote or backpack for take-anywhere math practice, and get a math edge with the School Zone Advantage!
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